Strategic Advisory Services

Trusted expertise, grounded strategies to address growth opportunities.

BIA’s Strategic Advisory Services

Navigating the local advertising and marketing landscape can be overwhelming. That’s where BIA Advisory Services comes in.

With years of laser focus on “local,” we analyze, interpret, and deliver strategic insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions, organize your efforts, and ultimately, drive growth. BIA doesn’t just analyze the local advertising and marketing scene – we turn insights into action.

See how we can help you and read a few success stories.

Think of BIA as your expert partner in local advertising and marketing.

Anticipate, adapt, accelerate. Discover the four key pivots BIA recommends for evolving businesses.

Results-Driven Solutions for Ambitious Clients

BIA provides unique insights and recommendations about local advertising and marketing. Our long history and focus on “local” helps us give clients strategic and actionable advice to grow their business. Let’s work together to build a competitive edge in the local advertising and marketing landscape.

BIA consults on a wide range of topics:

  • Crafting a compelling leadership vision
  • Boosting advertising sales and growth
  • Mapping out a winning product strategy
  • Sizing and trending advertiser segments
  • Media agency local investment and activations
  • Understanding market trends and sizing up the competition
  • Organizing and prioritizing local media sales team initiatives
  • Connected TV and digital advertising strategies

Examples of our recent work:

  • Paradigm Shifts in Local Video Advertising: Audience Building, Targeting, and Measurement
  • Looking Ahead into the Local OTT/CTV Marketplace
  • Winning Local Media Strategies: Top Recession-Proof Opportunities
  • Building and Leading Local Digital Sales Teams
  • Sales Strategies and Organization for Selling to Media Agencies
  • Emergence of Retail Media Networks: A Local Perspective
  • Winning Local Media Strategies: Top Recession-Proof Opportunities
  • Local TV Buying and Automation: Ad Agency Perspective
  • An Insider’s Look at Political Advertising
  • The Importance of Measuring Attribution for CTV and Linear TV
  • The Future of Local Radio

Case Studies

We don't just promise results, we prove them. Explore the success stories that demonstrate our impact.

Identifying emerging technologies that will give Radio a competitive edge

Determining entry into the local market of CTV ad sales

AdTech Company Providing Data-Driven Solutions in Performance Advertising

Five Reasons Clients Trust and Rely on BIA

1 Industry Expertise

Want to win in local media? Tap into BIA’s unmatched expertise. We dive deep into business models, revenue trends, competition, market shifts, and emerging tech. With BIA, you get the inside track to make informed decisions and thrive in today’s fast-paced media landscape.

2 Analytic Expertise

BIA is experienced in virtually all aspects of business operations of traditional and digital media, publishing, and local search. We also have particular strengths in marketing and sales, including multi-channel and multi-product sales.

3 Knowledge Assets

We’ve spent years on the ground, conducting research and building a one-of-a-kind proprietary local media advertising database. Our team of experts translates this exclusive data into actionable conclusions and strategies that guide your next move.

4 Networking

What sets us apart is our ability to draw upon a deep well of longstanding relationships with senior-level professionals. As a client of ours, we’ll connect you with the right people to help you navigate challenges and find solutions tailored to your needs.

5 Integrity

We recognize that the work we do requires the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We strive for the highest standards in all our work and believe our clients have come to respect and trust our ability to handle sensitive and important projects.

How to Engage BIA for a Strategic Engagement

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