Case Study
Case Study: Identifying emerging technologies that will give Radio a competitive edge

Client: GeoBroadcast Solutions

Situation Analysis

GeoBroadcast Solutions serves the FM radio industry by helping it to innovate and bring to market technologies that help radio broadcasters maximize their signal and grow revenues.

MaxxCasting™️ expands the coverage area of an FM signal and allows geographic targeting and fencing of text advertising and messaging. ZoneCasting™️, in the FCC approval process, allows the additional Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing of audio and graphical advertisements.

These emerging technologies give radio broadcasters the tools that are vital to compete in the face of innovations from online and other forms of message distribution. 


In a long-term relationship with GBS, BIA conducted a series of economic and business case studies related to the potential benefits of GBS technology solutions for broadcasters, advertisers, and audiences.

BIA’s body of work was presented in government filings, industry briefings, and research reports, private business meetings with investors, and partners, and in trade press coverage.


With BIA’s third-party objective research and analytics presented in compelling narratives, GBS was able to share its story and business objectives and win support from partners and clients.

Furthermore, a pending FCC rule change to allow FM over-the-air geotargeting has been supported and will help the company move forward in meeting its goals.

Client Testimonial

The team at GeoBroadcast Solutions has been developing and improving both the MaxxCasting technology and the potentially game changing ZoneCasting technology for over 10 years. While we thought we had some concepts that could really help the radio industry increase their revenues in these very challenging times, we had no way to quantify the potential effect on the industry or individual stations.

We reached out to the folks at BIA in 2018  Thanks to their deep knowledge of the radio industry and unmatched database of radio station financial data, they were able to help us quantify the potential effect of our projects on individual radio stations and the industry as a whole and clearly communicate this information to broadcasters, advertisers, potential investors and, in the case of our ZoneCasting initiative, to the folks at the FCC.

BIA is by far the leader in broadcast industry analysis, and we could not have developed our business plan without them.

Rick Bonick
Managing Partner and CFO, GeoBroadcast

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