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New Forecast Service – Share of Wallet: Performance Benchmarking Analysis

As the recognized leader in local advertising forecasts, insights and analysis, BIA Advisory Services is pleased to introduce a forecast service designed for media executives: Share of Wallet (SoW): Performance Benchmarking Analysis.

The service delivers a custom, actionable evaluation of a broadcast company’s advertising performance that can be used for operational and strategic decision making.

Staying On Top in a Changing Advertising Marketplace
The local advertising marketplace is undergoing significant changes. Issues borne out of the pandemic and recent economic fluctuations continue to affect local advertising plans and spending across television’s key verticals like Auto, Restaurants and Retail. Plus, the rise in streaming options and changes in consumer consumption habits are adjusting linear TV viewing.

Navigating this marketplace is difficult and requires intelligence that is informative, prescriptive, and specific to a particular broadcast group – this is the goal of BIA’s new service: SoW: Performance Benchmarking Analysis.

All About the Service
BIA’s new executive service, SoW: Performance Benchmarking Analysis, blends our Local U.S. Advertising forecasts with your performance data and other key data inputs. The resulting data is then analyzed to deliver detailed assessments and strategies for growth.

Examples of the analysis include:

  • Vertical advertising revenue potential in your markets, along with the identification of largest, fastest growing, and declining verticals.
  • Media utilization by business verticals in comparison to TV OTA, TV Digital, CTV/OTT, mobile, direct mail and more.
  • Evaluation of where stations are over and underperforming, along with analysis by region and groups.
  • Share of wallet, looking at local video and other media, by local market and nationwide.
  • Nationwide and regional economic analysis to track ad spending trends and expectations.
  • Local market(s) competitive assessments.

Analyses can be performed by quarter, YoY, or over a period of years. And it can all be customized to your requirements and goals.

The foundation of our analysis is BIA’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast that delivers advertising estimates for 96 verticals across 16 traditional and digital media. Our forecast offers a ten-year perspective on spending that will be used to explain trends, track current successes, and identify new business opportunities.

Service Deliverables
The SoW: Performance Benchmarking Analysis deliverables include a report, illustrative charts, and raw data that can be ingested into a company’s own forecasting systems. The service also includes a briefing from BIA’s executives so we can share our insights and analysis around threats and opportunities.

Nicole Ovadia
VP Forecasting & Analysis
BIA Advisory Services

Tom Buono
Founder & CEO
BIA Advisory Services

Rick Ducey
Managing Director
BIA Advisory Services

Find out how this new service can be beneficial for budgeting, setting local sales objectives, identifying revenue opportunities and much more.

Email BIA at to set up a call to discuss.

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