Custom Research

Custom data pulls tailored to precise requests.

BIA’s Custom Research Services puts our proprietary data on broadcasting and local advertising at your fingertips.

Picture being able to pull exactly what you need from our detailed ad spend data (current, future, and past) across 96 industries and 16 media platforms, both nationally and locally. For broadcast projects, tap into our database of U.S. broadcast stations, covering ownership, revenue, personnel, and more.

Valued for accuracy and fast turnaround, BIA’s Custom Research Services support highly specific local media inquiries. Here’s how we can help with local advertising and broadcasting research.

Custom Research for Local Advertising

BIA’s publishes a U.S. Local Ad Forecast that covers all 210 TV markets and 253 radio markets. The forecast provides revenue estimates for broadcast and digital media by 96 business verticals for 10 years. (More on BIA’s US Advertising forecast here.)

The breadth and depth of BIA’s U.S. advertising forecast allows BIA to perform custom research services that satisfy highly specific research needs related to the media industry.

Local Advertising Custom Research Examples

Media Ad Spend

Request 10-year forecasts for TV and radio ad spending to understand the shifting media landscape. Available for 16 media.

Examine expectations for growth and declines and shifts to CTV/OTT.

Compare media advertising forecasts by year or by vertical spend.

Uncover hidden opportunities in a local market, or zoom out for a nationwide or regional perspective.

Local Advertising Trends

Get an inside look at where ad dollars are flowing – and will be flowing – across the country and in local markets.

Examine 10-year advertising trends both on a nationwide and/or local TV or Radio market level.

Understand the overall advertising market demand with a focus on premium local video, local digital or local mobile advertising.

Business Vertical Ad Spend

Identify the top 10 U.S. markets by local business vertical ad spend.

Explore how businesses categories like Auto, Retail, Home Services, Education, Legal, Healthcare, and more have spent their ad budgets in the past, how they’re spending them now, and where they’re likely to invest in the future.

Analysis available for local TV and radio markets or by US-regionality. (See the verticals in BIA’s forecast coverage.)

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Custom Services for Broadcasting Companies and Stations

BIA’s MEDIA Access Pro™ contains thousands of data fields on television and radio stations throughout the U.S. to track ownership; station details and personnel, digital, broadcast and retransmission revenue; and more. (More on MAPro here.)

BIA’s broadcasting data is updated daily by a dedicated team of analysts and call out team that regularly has contact with U.S. television and radio stations



Station analysis (i.e., ratings, demographics, revenues, and more.)

FCC Geographic Market Reports

Marketing and sales lead lists

Format (Radio or Affiliation (TV) studies

Coverage maps


Top owners ranked by estimated ad revenue or number of units owned or operated (LMAs)

Deal transactions

Ownership market revenue share reports

Comparable sales analysis


Market overviews

Financial reports

Deal transactions

Demographic reports

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Rely on BIA’s comprehensive, historical data for all your research needs.