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U.S. Local Ad Forecasts

2024 U.S. Local Ad Forecast

Latest release: March 2024. The U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2024 provides an overview of paid U.S. local advertising spent by national, regional, and SMB advertisers. The forecast includes a seven-year nationwide overview of total U.S. ad spending for traditional and digital media while identifying total local advertising spend with and without political spending.

The forecast also includes breakout estimates for linear television, Connected Television and Over-the-Top (CTV/OTT), mobile, social, radio, PC/Laptop and other key media. The forecast also reveals ad spend by growth verticals and key media selections.

Forecast Access: Report version of the forecast available in the shopping cart. Subscription to BIA ADVantage offers access to BIA’s full forecast for media and business verticals.

2024 U.S. Local Advertising Forecast: Local Audio

Local Audio is still a cool kid on the block. BIA estimates that in 2024, upwards of $13.8 billion will be spent on audio advertising.

U.S. Local Advertising Forecast for Local Audio to examine revenue estimates from 2023-2027. See which business verticals are spending ad dollars on audio and how much. The forecast offers revenue estimates for radio over-the-air (OTA) and digital local radio stations and Pandora.

Forecast Access: Available for purchase. Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.

2024 U.S. Local Video Forecast

BIA estimates that $39.6 Billion (23% of the total local advertising dollars) will be spent in 2024 on Local Video Ad Platforms with the top 3 being TV OTA, Local Cable and PC/Laptop.

This forecast report covers the video portion of BIA’s Local Ad Forecast to examine spend in TV OTA, Cable, CTV/OTT, Mobile video, OOH video, and PC/Laptop video.

Forecast Access: Available for purchase. Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.

2024 Local Political

Updated in March 2024, this forecast report provides BIA’s latest political Ad spending forecasts and insights across key media for all 210 local markets.

The biggest story in Political advertising is the tremendous increase in CTV/OTT spending. CTV/OTT Political spending is forecast to eclipse $1 Billion in 2024, over 10x what was spent in 2022 and 2020.  

Forecast access: Available for purchase.  Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.

Local Advertising Reports

Home Improvement: Ad Spend Insights

Home Improvement advertisers will spend $9B this year. This report uncovers media channel ad spend.

Report Access: Available for purchase. Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.

Insights into Local Advertising – Automotive Vertical

Auto advertisers to spend $12.1B. Track trends and develop winning selling strategies with actionable analysis.

This report is a valuable addition to our ongoing series, meticulously crafted to empower local media organizations with insights into the evolving landscape of media spending behaviors among advertisers in critical vertical sectors.

Report Access: Available for purchase. Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.

Legal Services Vertical – Insights into the U.S. Local Ad Marketplace 2024

Updated April 2024, the vertical report, Legal Services 2024, examines how businesses in legal services will spend $8.4 billion in local advertising. Using BIA’s 2024 U.S. Ad Forecast, the report examines how advertising dollars are being allocated and spent across traditional and digital media and the estimated ad spend for 2022-2027. It also offers local selling strategies.

Report Access: Available for purchase. Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.

Healthcare Bundle: Report & Survey

Healthcare ad spending is up 19.5% from pre-pandemic spending, with BIA estimating over $12B to be spent in local advertising in 2024. The biggest spenders in the Healthcare category are Hospitals, Offices of Physicians/Dentists/Chiropractors, and Pharmaceutical & Medicine Manufacturers.

BIA details ad spend by each healthcare category along with local sales strategies in a short, tactical ad report that details ad spend by media for 2024. Also included in this bundle are results from a survey that sheds light on the dynamic landscape of healthcare marketing to reveal how marketers plan to spend their advertising dollars across various platforms. 

For instance, Marketers at Hospitals are more likely to place CTV/OTT ads through local television and radio representatives than doctors’ offices (47.2% vs 20.0%).

Report and Survey Access: Available for purchase.  Clients can download in BIA ADVantage.


Media Ecosystem Review

The report, Media Ecosystem Review, examines 36 public companies in six sectors that compete for local advertising, including Digital, Large Diversified Video Providers, Television Groups, Audio Providers, Out-of-Home (OOH), and News & Information Companies. The report looks at revenue, profitability, valuation trends, and valuation multiples from pre-pandemic 2019 through the pandemic and year-end 2023. The five-year lookback period provides insights into sector performance during and after the pandemic and to see what companies in the media ecosystem are the current winners and losers.

Report Access: Available for purchase.

Direct Mail/Email Media Brief

Direct Mail is consistently at the top of all media spending. This brief compares the ROIs for Direct Mail and Email and suggests examples of selling opportunities for some top verticals. Only available for BIA ADVantage clients.

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Complimentary Reports

The Local Programmatic Marketplace: OTT and Digital Reach Extension Channels

Over-the-top (OTT) is showing a major opportunity for local ad buyers. This report offers a detailed analysis of the growing investments on OTT/CTV, the rise of programmatic trading, and findings from executive interviews.

OTT – The Rising Star in Local Ad Spending: Regional and Business Vertical Trends

This report examines the spend in Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising within five geographic regions in the U.S. It also dives into the OTT ad spending of key verticals: Auto, Health, Restaurants and businesses in the General Services like Legal Services, Plumbers and HVACs, and Employment Services.

Black Owned Radio Stations: Ownership and Revenue Report

To help ad buyers, policy makers, financial and other industry leaders better understand the Black Owned Radio industry, NABOB commissioned the BIA study, Black Owned Radio Stations: Ownership and Revenue Report.