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Comprehensive Data on Broadcasting & Publishing

Media Access Pro (MAPro) is the go-to resource for up-to-the-minute broadcast station details, ownership information, contact information and much more. Information is updated daily by a dedicated call center.

Looking for reliable broadcast media and publishing company information?

MEDIA Access Pro™ offers a suite of tools to access BIA’s proprietary industry and forecast data, along with comprehensive broadcasting and publisher data. It delivers more than 2,300 data on 25,000-plus organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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“BIA Media Access Pro and BIA Media Access Pro BREEZE are very useful tools that make my job easier. The data I retrieve from them is exceptional. Georgina is a great trainer of the programs and has always been most helpful and flexible when it comes to scheduling.”

Latrise Deruise, Salem Political Solutions

MAPro Suite

Full access to all custom searching and mapping. Offered as standalone or companion service to MAPro Breeze. See details on this webpage.

Streamlined service for searching MAPro data. More info here.

Investing in Publications

Quarterly publications for Radio, TV and Newspaper. Data from MAPro. More info here.

Comprehensive Data on TV, Radio and Newspaper

Media Access Pro (MAPro) is the go-to resource for up-to-the-minute broadcast station details, ownership information, contact information and much more. Information is updated daily by a dedicated call center. 

Highlights of data in MAPro:

  • BIA’s proprietary over-the-air (OTA) and digital advertising revenue forecasts (updated quarterly)
  • Estimated revenues for properties, owners, and markets
  • Retransmission consent estimates on local television
  • Ratings, Circulation, Demographics
  • Ownership details
  • Transactions
  • Digital information
  • Technical stats
  • Multi-level contact information
  • Custom mapping program
  • FCC activities such as transactions’ proposed date, FCC grant date and consummation date

Top Reasons Clients Use MAPro Daily

  • Track ownership and ratings
  • Track on-air and digital revenue
  • Monitor transactions
  • Build coverage maps
  • Locate sales and marketing leads

Comprehensive Data Coverage

For 40 years, BIA has developed a trusted advisor role with broadcast companies. Our unique access to stations, ownership groups and industry resources allows us to forecast accurate industry and station numbers. This information is available MAPro.

Covering both rated and non-rated markets, MAPro delivers information on:

  • 25,000 commercial and non-commercial radio stations,
  • 13,000 full- and low-power TV stations
  • 6000 daily and weekly newspapers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Built-In Custom Reports & Saved Searches

MAPro is maintained with attentiveness to customer requirements. To make data extraction easy, you can choose from a number of custom and saved searches.

Quickly generate reports about digital stations, total stations in a market, CP detailed reporting, move-in reports and much more. The saved searches make doing market analysis and exporting mailing labels extremely simple.

Digital Information

MAPro updates key digital information daily for television and radio:


  • Digital station information (historical analog information)
  • Analog coverage area with population estimates
    Digital contour coverage area with population estimates
  • Affiliation and DTV channel TV
  • DTV on-air date


    • Detailed view of digital radio information
    • Arbitron’s Portable People Meter™ (PPM)
    • Digital contour coverage area with population estimates
    • Multicast programming detail
    • Total number of digital stations on air (iBiquity data)
    • Stations licensed or to be licensed to air HD Radio programming

    MAPro Screenshots

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    How to Subscribe

    Yearly subscriptions are available for both MEDIA Access Pro Desktop and MAPro Breeze. Subscriptions are also available through BIA ADVantage.


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