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Accelerating Access to BIA’s Television & Radio Data

BIA’s MEDIA Access Pro™ (MAPro) is the recognized premier resource for broadcast information, delivering thousands of fields of data on TV and radio organizations.

Now, BIA is pleased to announce MAPro Breeze, an application built on the foundation of MAPro that streamlines access to MAPro data.

Introducing MAPro Breeze

Listening to feedback from our loyal clients, MAPro Breeze is BIA’s new cutting-edge application that streamlines access to valuable MAPro data.

MAPro Breeze simplifies your work to search for:

  • Ownership Tracking
  • Comparable Market Sales Analysis
  • Station Transaction Tracking
  • Group Revenue Comparisons
  • Station Revenue Trend Identification (OTA and Digital)
  • Station Details Lookup (Location, Ratings, etc.)
  • Personnel Contact Information
  • And a lot more!

Plus, MAPro Breeze offers simple searches to make browsing all types of station information very easy.

MAPro Breeze provides an intuitive search interface to help you quicky find:

  • Call letters
  • Affiliations
  • Licensed Market Names and Ranks
  • Total number of markets, stations present in a market
  • Digital coverage pops
  • OTA and Digital Revenue for 2019-2021
  • Current and Previous Owner
  • FCC ID (with quick link to the FCC)

Want to do more detailed searches? MAPro Breeze provides search options that let you customize your search so you can find exactly the data you want. All data from MAPro Breeze is available for export to excel, PDF, and CSV and can be easily printed or copied to use in any report or presentation.

As a bonus, MAPro Breeze users receive exclusive access to BIA’s quarterly Investing In Radio® and Investing In TV® analyses for essential insights into market trends and activities.

Discover how MAPro Breeze will simplify (and speed up) your TV and Radio analysis experience.

Schedule a demo by emailing or calling 607-936-6737.

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