Case Study
Case Study: AdTech Company Providing Data-Driven Solutions in Performance Advertising

Situation Analysis

A leading Adtech firm serving major publishers such as Walt Disney TV, NBCU, Paramount, FOX, WBD, and A+E needed to learn more about the ATSC 3.0 roll-out status in the U.S. The firm provides cross-platform linear and digital performance-based advertising solutions. To pursue their goals, they wanted to understand the competitive landscape for performance-based linear and digital advertising solutions in this space.

The goal was to assess the relative maturity of the ATSC 3.0 marketplace in terms of readiness by broadcasters, agencies, marketers, and others in that ecosystem for solution sets they could build on top of their current CTV and advanced TV platforms.


The company developed a convergence video business leveraging set-top box and smart TV data along with its unique technology to track ad exposures and business outcomes using campaign-specific KPIs at the household level for advanced TV (i.e., cable), smart TV (i.e., CTV), along with digital ad campaigns targeting PCs, smartphones, and other devices.

The Adtech company engaged in a long-term advisory services retainer relationship with BIA.

BIA’s method included executive interviews, qualified C-suite executive introductions from our relationship network to our client, assisting in discussions leading to pilot project launches, and providing a detailed set of briefings and reports during the engagement term.


The Adtech firm got a deep dive into the technology and business implementations by major TV groups as they rolled out ATSC 3.0 implementations in their markets.

BIA provided an objective analysis of the market and the state of readiness among key stakeholders including broadcasters, marketers, agencies, and technology providers.

BIA’s assessment for the client was the ATSC 3.0 marketplace has not evolved to a scale or level of maturity that its data-driven performance advertising solution platform would find early success and that it would be better off pausing its product development plans in this market segment.

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