Case Study
Case Study: Determining entry into the local market of CTV ad sales

Major CTV publisher seeking local market entry knowledge and strategies for sales force prioritization and organization with media agencies.

Situation Analysis

With the growth of CTV ad spending targeting local markets, a major CTV publisher was looking to expand its opportunities from the national ad market into the local ad market where it had little experience. A better understanding of media agency segmentation and marketer needs and current media mix and weight were key areas for learning along with informative, new data.


BIA’s strategic advisory team developed a multipart solution comprising of these valuable elements:

(a) Knowledge development briefing series led by BIA executives and a former senior executive from one of the agency-holding companies who ran local investment.

(b) Media agency executive interviews: to add to the knowledge base overall and get specific insights about media agency segmentation, marketing mix prioritization, and client needs and goals.

(c) Quantitative survey of media agencies and brands to broaden and deepen insights from the qualitative interviews.

Based on these scope elements, BIA presented final findings and recommendations to our client about entry into the local market of CTV ad sales.

These recommendations included indicating the complexity of the local market agency and marketer ecosystem and the advice to have regional direct sales offices versus a single national sales office to be competitive. Recommendations also advised that specialized sales operations for core verticals should be prioritized (i.e., Automotive, Financial, Telecom) as they require vertical expertise and relationship building.

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