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In the paper, Making Location Intelligence Actionable for Partners, Brands & Agencies, BIA/Kelsey and GroundTruth dig into the new types of data that allow mobile devices and location intelligence to bring new data-driven audience segmentation to the market and tie it to attribution.

Read the report for an in-depth analysis on the trends and strategies in the increased consumer and market usage of mobile and location data points. Learn why marketing budgets and plans are including a heavier reliance on location data and why bridging the online and physical world is so critical.

Covered in the report are four key types of location data-driven audience segments that have proven useful to marketers:

  • Behavioral Audience Segmentation
  • Location Audience Segmentation
  • Neighborhoods
  • Proximity Targeting

Download the paper now and learn how to deliver timely, optimized and relevant messaging to consumers via mobile.

Please email for more information.

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