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The local TV industry is developing a new personality based on an emerging set of solutions around data-driven audience targeting advertising. Programmatic TV is a solution offering efficiency and accuracy to the buying and selling of TV inventory.

This report explores the potential of programmatic advertising in local TV by examining it from the perspective of the national TV market. It offers instructive clues about the forces that will drive programmatic ad buying at the local level.

We’ve seen a pattern in the national television market where programmatic has experienced explosive growth in the past year. Local television has a number of complicating factors to sort out in order to accommodate widespread programmatic adoption, beginning with lack of measurement reportage—other than age and gender—different workflow software, and there needs to be integration of TV stations and platforms. We believe examining national success could hold clues for local.

Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA/Kelsey, Report Author

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Programmatic Is Coming to Local TV: 2016 Mid-Year Update

Who Should Read:
This report brings you into the front line of current thinking and directions about programmatic TV.

It is designed for executives, managers and interactive digital VPs of broadcast groups, financial institutions and companies building solutions being embraced by the industry.

Why Read:

  • Historical perspective of programmatic TV
  • Highlights of current platforms
  • Examination of programmatic in the national TV market and how success can be modeled at the local level
  • Insights on the state and future of programmatic TV from industry panel: 4C, Cadent, Epsilon, Hubbard Broadcasting, The Media Kitchen, placemedia, Quantum 11 and WideOrbit
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