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Ad Spending in Local TV and Location-Targeted Mobile to Reach Nearly $43 Billion in 2018

May 8, 2018

New report examines how marketers are using television and mobile to design effective advertising campaigns across multi-platforms

CHANTILLY, Va. (May 8, 2018) –BIA Advisory Services estimates advertisers will spend $20.8 billion in local television and $22.1 billion in location-targeted mobile to target audiences in 2018. The new report, “Local TV and Location: How Targeted Mobile Intelligence Creates High Impact Campaigns,” examines the growth for each media and how marketers are integrating the channels to unify their ability to effectively reach, target and engage consumers in a multi-platform environment.

“Today’s marketers increasingly rely on data-infused audience targeting to deliver relevant cross-platform messaging throughout the consumer’s journey to purchase,” said Rick Ducey, managing director, BIA Advisory Services. “TV and mobile are two of the most powerful platforms that audiences are using daily in a unified, not fragmented, experience. Advertisers who integrate audience targeting on TV with location targeting on mobile can achieve an incredibly powerful one-two marketing punch.”


While local television provides the broadest audience reach among media channels, location intelligence adds value to a television campaign by layering in audience-targeting and the ability to tie outcomes to the campaign. As the technology, data and business processes around mobile advertising using location targeting have expanded over the last several years, location targeting provides a performance-based buying model for marketers that ties offline and online media together in an integrated campaign execution.

“Location intelligence allows marketers to define actionable consumer personas based on the premise that, ‘where you go is who you are,” said Eric Hadley, CMO at GroundTruth. “If you’ve been to a gym, a sporting goods store, and a recreational park within days of each other, it’s a better indicator that you’re a Fitness Enthusiast than any content you may consume but never action upon. Thus, when you combine location’s ability to find and target consumers at the right place and time in local markets with TV’s massive reach and frequency, marketers are able to build and measure highly impactful advertising solutions.”

Downloading the Report

Local TV and Location: How Targeted Mobile Intelligence Creates High Impact Campaigns,” examines strategies that integrate television and mobile to create ad campaigns that are smarter, more effective, and more accountable. The free report, courtesy of GroundTruth, a location technology company, is available here.

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