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Multiple platform content is a huge advantage to consumers, yet it’s made targeting and reaching consumers problematic for marketers.

While consumers find it relatively easy to view their preferred content across platforms, marketers are still planning and activating their media channels in separate silos. The challenge is to unify the media experience for marketers.

Two channels that jump out immediately are TV and mobile. Both platforms offer the two screens that consumers find most engaging for content, experiences, and information. And, for the consumer, the blending of TV and mobile is a matter of media coming together to better serve their needs.

The new paper, Local TV And Location: How Targeted Mobile Intelligence Creates High Impact Campaigns, examines strategies that integrate television and mobile to create ad campaigns that are smarter, more effective, and more accountable. Television brings the power of Reach and Frequency. Mobile brings the power of consumer location.

Download the paper now and learn how to put the fundamental strengths of these channels to work for your business. The report is offered free, compliments of GroundTruth.

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