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What Do SMBs Want in 2017?

by | Nov 30, 2016 | BIA, Blog, SAM, SMBs

In the spirit of the holidays and gift lists, BIA/Kelsey offers up our 2nd annual Holiday Wish List for SMBs. So what products and services are small and medium businesses most interested in adding to their marketing activities in 2017? In Wave 20 of our Local Commerce Monitor™ survey of small businesses (Q3/2016), we asked small businesses about their marketing and advertising plans in the coming year. Small businesses are not only looking to adopt new marketing tools, but also other business tools that help them compete with bigger companies.

For marketing products and services, social media monitoring was highest on the list with a third of small businesses surveyed wanting to add the service. With social media usage among SMBs increasing, it isn’t surprising to see that they need assistance in monitoring comments about their business or product category on social media channels.

For business tools, small businesses were most interested (30.6%) in adding general business software (such as Microsoft Office 365, Quick Office, etc.).

In the analytics category, customer ad analytics (analytics that show customer or market segments such as demographics, purchasing behavior, site or location analysis, etc.) was the most wanted.

The top three products and services desired in three different categories are depicted in the infographic below.



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