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Small Businesses That use TV and Cable Are Willing to Spend

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Blog, Broadcast, SAM, SMBs

Small businesses who advertise on TV/Cable are heavy users of traditional media, according to our current Local Commerce Monitor™ survey of SMBs (Q3/2016). In fact, the most popular traditional channels include: cable, direct mail, community sponsorships, print yellow pages, giveaways, and television. They use video advertising on a variety of sites, as shown in the infographic below. Besides video, they use other visually oriented social  platforms at relatively high levels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Core small businesses that use TV/cable, those who spend less than $25,000 annually on advertising, spent an average $7,001 annually (up from $5,007 in 2015), while Plus Spender small businesses (greater than $25,000 annual ad spend) spent $101,466 annually (up from $71,420 in 2015). SMBs that use TV/cable are less likely to spend a majority of their budget on digital advertising  than those SMBs that do not advertise on TV/cable.

While firmly planted in TV/Cable advertising, small businesses in this group are interested in new ways to engage with their customers across media channels. Those who sell to this group have a lot of opportunities to grab additional share if they have the right offers, including coupons, deals, search and social advertising.

LCM 20 Infographic

Key data on broadcast advertisers from LCM 20


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