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Traditional Still Important Part of Franchisees’ Ad Strategy

by | Feb 14, 2018 | BIA, Blog, SAM, SMBs

Franchisees use an average of 14 different media channels for their advertising and promotion. While their mix leans more toward digital  traditional media remains an important part of franchisees’ advertising strategy, according to data from Wave 21 of our Local Commerce Monitor™ survey of small businesses (Q3/2017). Half of their top 10 most used media channels were traditional channels: giveaways, community sponsorships, TV, specialized print directories, and radio. Franchisees continue to use traditional media because they see value in their investment. Channels like radio, community sponsorships and TV were not only among their top 10 media channels used, they were among the channels franchisees reported had the highest return on investment (ROI). Franchisees also reported that they planned to increase ad spend in 2018 on several traditional media channels in our survey, such as out of home, giveaways, direct mail, radio, and community sponsorships.

Franchisees rely on traditional media and that we do not see that changing anytime soon. Franchisees report that their franchisors are heavily involved in their advertising, particularly social media, so companies marketing to franchisees need to have a clear understanding of co-op ad dollars and know how to tap into franchise budgets to complement franchisees’ local marketing efforts.

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Franchisees and Traditional Media


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