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Franchisees Print and Promote Along with Digital Advertising

by | Feb 28, 2018 | BIA, Blog, SAM, SMBs

Small business franchisees are fast learners. They use more advertising channels and adopt digital channels at a higher rate than most small businesses. Thanks to the support from their franchisors they have marketing tools that help them compete with larger brands in local and be present at different stages in the customer shopping experience. From our Local Commerce Monitor™ survey of small businesses for this year, their top mix of most used ad media are giveaways and community sponsorships.

Top Used Media By Franchisees in 2017

top used media by Franchisees 2018

Many franchisors help their franchisees get established in their local markets and it’s become a bigger challenge for franchisees as large brands are moving more into local. Franchisors can use franchisee advertising and spending data to develop advertising programs and marketing campaigns that can be tailored to local markets and have the potential to make their franchisees more successful and, in turn, enhance the franchise brand. To jump start franchisees in the marketing game, franchisors need to help franchisees get a better grip on how traditional and digital channels can perform in integrated campaigns.

Franchisors like Wayback Burgers and Kona Ice are using a mix of marketing tools to help their franchisees with technology and data to quickly be successful in local. Both are using Vya’s marketing resource management system and print production services to efficiently run local cross-channel marketing programs for their franchisees. Pat Conlin, Senior Vice President, Wayback Burgers explained that doing this “helps us in simplifying the marketing solutions we provide to franchisees along their path to becoming successful Wayback Burgers franchises.”

For more on franchisees and their advertising and marketing, BIA/Kelsey has a new report “Advertising & Marketing Priorities of Franchisees” available for purchase in our estore.

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