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The Why Behind What SMBs Buy and Other Interesting Insights From LCM 20

by | Sep 27, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Sales Best Practices, SAM, SMBs

Fall is usually ushered in by shorter days and lots of pumpkin spice lattes. At BIA/Kelsey fall is the time we release data from our annual survey of small businesses, The Local Commerce Monitor™ now in Wave 20. BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor is one of the longest surveys in both time (25+ minutes)  and years conducted (17+). No current study on small businesses has a better sample. Our sample offers enough sample to analyze smaller and larger small businesses (defined by ad spend) in detail: 600 core (less than $25k ad spend) and 400 plus spenders (more than $25k ad spend). The infographic below gives you a good understanding of our Local Commerce Monitor™ Wave 20 Survey of Small Businesses. New insights and data will be released soon on our weekly data bytes blog posts and a free webinar.

Like last year’s Wave 19, this year’s LCM Wave 20 survey is full of new media and new insights.

  • Where small businesses are currently spending their ad budgets by product/service and future spend
  • What is driving expanded social media, mobile and do it yourself, DIY advertising
  • How much of small businesses use free advertising
  • Why small businesses churn on marketing service providers and what marketing services providers need to do better
  • Why small businesses do or do not use advertising products and services, what they have tried and plan to use
  • Adoption of new technologies and ad services including programmatic, beacons and on demand services
  • How small businesses measure ROI (return on investment) and what measures they value the most

See the infographic below for more.


For more information on our Local Commerce Monitor™ 20 report and a webinar that will help you focus your sales, marketing and developmental and account service efforts, download an excerpt here.

 LCM wave 20 infographic