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51% of SMBs Believe Analytics Are Critical

by | Mar 3, 2016 | BIA, Blog, SAM, SMBs

Only 45% of SMBs track analytics and the others give the reason that they don’t have time, experience or budget to track analytics according to an infographic from In our Local Commerce Monitor 19 survey of small businesses, SMBs say they want to use different types of analytics. Specifically,  SMBs say that in 2016 they want to use:

  • Online satisfaction surveys 23.1%
  • Leads management/scoring 21%
  • Customer segmentation tools 19%
  • Customer records 17.7%
  • Social media/reputation monitoring 21.7%
  • Performance analytics 17%
  • Email automated marketing 25%

And even our franchisee SMBs’ top support ask of their franchisors are analytics based — better leads and performance analytics. Echoing the reasons SMBs cite for not using analytics, their top three obstacles to adopting new technology are reliability, ease of use, and cost.