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Local Business Leads from SalesFuel’s AdMall Integrated into BIA ADVantage to Identify Digital Sales Opportunities

Jun 11, 2018

New data integration part of continuing alliance between BIA and SalesFuel to deliver local market sales and advertising intelligence through their proprietary data platforms.              

Chantilly, VA (Jun 11, 2018) – BIA Advisory Services today announced the addition of local business sales leads from SalesFuel’s AdMall into BIA’s local market intelligence platform, BIA ADVantage™. The leads are generated from local businesses that indicate digital revenue opportunities as determined by AdMall’s Digital Audit, a proprietary tool for scoring digital advertising spend activity and potential. The integration is part of an alliance between both companies to expand access to valuable local market advertising and marketing data.

“Developing critical local market data is our focus at BIA and now the addition of vetted business leads to our BIA ADVantage platform enhances our analysis with actual sales prospect information,” said Tom Buono, CEO and Founder, BIA Advisory Services. “We are very pleased to be partnering with SalesFuel to bring this data to clients in more than 150 markets and to several of the biggest broadcasting companies and digital marketing firms in the country.”

The business leads in BIA ADVantage come from SalesFuel’s AdMall Digital Audit that offers real-time analysis of a local prospect’s digital marketing efforts. The audit reveals activity in digital advertising, local search SEO, social media, content marketing, web design, reputation management and more and renders a score to rank the business. The top five digitally active businesses are provided in BIA ADVantage for over 70 different business verticals.

SalesFuel CEO C.Lee Smith comments, “Our mission is to help teams sell smarter and our collaboration with BIA continues to improve our ability to help clients get the data they need to be successful. Our business leads combined with BIA’s local intelligence gives sales representatives the information they need to quickly and efficiently reach out to potential business prospects.”

This new integration complements the BIA local market forecast data available in the SalesFuel AdMall product. This data details the dollar amounts and percent of total spending by media type in each of the available 94 business categories for the total U.S. market. BIA also provides comparison spending in each local market for local traditional media versus local digital media.

“As media buyers look both locally and nationally to identify the right mix of traditional and digital channels for reaching local targets, it’s critical to have a complete understanding of the total ad pie along with local businesses to target.” said Dr. Mark Fratrik, SVP and chief economist, BIA Advisory Services. “We are pleased to partner with SalesFuel to enhance our clients’ view into the trends, revenue opportunities and, very importantly, competitors and business prospects in the local advertising and marketing marketplace.”

Example of AdMall data offered by subvertical in BIA ADVantage:


Details about the data enhancements will be shared during a client-only webinar on June 13. For more information, email

About BIA ADVantage

BIA ADVantage delivers BIA’s extensive local market advertising and marketing data, combined with custom insights from our expert strategic and financial consulting team. Clients in over 150 markets use the platform to increase their share of advertising in local markets.

BIA ADVantage delivers the following data for local radio and television markets:

  • Local market & nationwide ad spend
  • Ad spend for 94 verticals
  • Digital ad spend
  • Local competition and market profiles
  • Media industry reports
  • Intentions and spending plans of advertisers
  • Interactive Broadcasting & Newspaper Database (MEDIA Access Pro)
  • Digital business lead data (SalesFuel AdMall®)
  • TV station-level daypart information including total day and for seven different dayparts and local market audience ratings (comScore partner data)
  • Quarterly analyst briefings

For more information about BIA ADVantage, click here. To set up a demo, email

About BIA Advisory Services

BIA Advisory Services (@BIAAdvisorySvcs) is the leading authority for data-centered insights, analysis, strategic consulting and valuation services for the local media industry. Since 1983, BIA has been a valuable resource for traditional and digital media companies, brands and agencies, the financial and legal community serving media and telecom, as well as the FCC and other government agencies. Today, we offer comprehensive local market advertising intelligence in our BIA ADVantage data platform combined with analyst insights, actionable strategies and business financial assessments to help clients discover their best opportunities. Additional information is available at, on the company’s Local Media Watch blogTwitter, and our newsletter, Local Media and Technology Daily.

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SalesFuel is proud of its new SalesFuel COACH®, a data-driven, adaptive sales coaching™ tool.  SalesFuel COACH creates and continually updates a personalized Coaching Playbook for each salesperson based on their unique needs and skill gaps.

SalesFuel’s TeamKeeper® product, a revolutionary new data-driven platform helping managers and team leaders Manage Smarter™ by improving culture, communication and retention.

The company also has its popular AdMall® product line for media sales and agency new business hunters. The company’s current core products also include the SalesFuel API and Gitomer Certified Sales Training. SalesFuel’s team of sales transformation consultants can provide assistance with strategic planning, pricing models, compensation/incentive programs and digital marketing.

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