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Social Media Usage – B2B vs B2C

by | Jun 16, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Mobile-Social, SAM, SMBs

Earlier this week Microsoft acquired social media networking site LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. With the acquisition, Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadella says the company plans to combine the programs (such as Microsoft’s Office and Office 365) and professional networks that connect workers. “It’s really the coming together of the professional cloud and the professional network,” said Mr. Nadella in an interview on Monday. Small businesses who primarily serve other businesses especially those in professional services see Linkedin as a priority over Facebook for advertising and promotion. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn will allow them to continue to work with their small business software clients in other operations areas including advertising and marketing.

Looking at Facebook vs. LinkedIn by industry in our Local Commerce Monitor™  it is clear that small businesses in industries that were oriented towards consumers (i.e. retail, entertainment) preferred Facebook, while those oriented towards other businesses (i.e. professional services), preferred LinkedIn. Financial Services SMBs which serve both were split almost equally between Facebook and LinkedIn.

LCM17-19 Social Media by Type of Customer