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SMB Data Point of the Week: Top Media Used by Co-op Advertising Users

by | Mar 23, 2016 | BIA, Blog, SAM, SMBs

When it comes to choosing media for advertising or promotion, small businesses that use co-op advertising programs are like other SMBs in our Local Commerce Monitor survey — a Facebook page is the most used. As shown in the chart below, SMBs that use co-op advertising funds like a blend of traditional and digital media for advertising and promotion. Direct Mail is the most popular of the traditional media, with 41.3% usage. Email and a website follow close behind.

When it comes to return on their investment, SMBs that use co-op advertising funds gave a different traditional media — Out of Home — highest marks, with 74.5% saying they had an “excellent” (10-19x spend) or “extraordinary” (over 20x spend) ROI. Digital media such as sponsored content, native ads and pay per click were also highly rated, as was text messaging.

LCM19_SMBS that use Co-op Advertising Funds




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