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Leading Local Insights Episode 12: Cookies, Privacy, and the Future of Data for Publishers

by | Jun 1, 2021 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog

Brock Berry, Founder & CEO, AdCellerant

With changes in data and privacy laws, along with policy changes in Google’s support for 3rd party cookies and Apple’s ID for Advertisers, marketers are facing a heavy lift to navigate data, technology and marketing outcomes.  These days, agencies like AdCellerant are focused on making recommendations for publishers about identity graphs, audience targeting and the new age of privacy.

In the podcast, Cookies, Privacy, and the Future of Data, BIA’s Rick Ducey interviews AdCellerant CEO Brock Berry to discuss how marketers are dealing with privacy and the future of data. Their discussion explores the new digital paradigm driven by privacy concerns over consumer data.

On the government side, the media and marketing industry had to contend first with the EU’s GDPR as an early salvo that had international consequences. Then there was California’s CCPA followed by its CPRA. Other states are following suit creating a potential patchwork of data privacy laws. Senator Amy Klobuchar and others introduced a bipartisan data privacy bill that seeks to provide consumer protections at the federal level. As impactful as these policies have been, potentially bigger impacts may be coming from Google’s decision to no longer support 3rd party cookies and Apple’s decision to move to an opt-in system for targeting its mobile app users with its IDFA (ID for Advertisers).

Yet, less data for targeting means less valuable impressions. The stakes are significant. As Berry says, “When publishers see their CPMs drop from $3 to 30 cents, they are going to react quickly to try and fix this.” 

Berry recommends publishers reassess their current solutions and partners to ensure they are ready for what’s ahead. “We will see these wide CPM variances for the next 12-18 months until audience costs start to normalize,” Berry argues.

During the podcast, Berry identifies three ways for publishers to increase this temporary drop in inventory value.

  1. Utilize technologies and data solutions to restore and increase yield on unsold inventory that goes to the exchanges.
  2. Monetize first-party data. It is valuable and will become more so to the market. Publishers can license access to their data via DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms).
  3. Normalize CPMs upward with more direct selling and private market exchange experience and with innovative uses of both publishers’ first-party data and evolving identify graph solutions coming to market.

Listen to the podcast now.

To learn more about AdCellerant, visit their website.

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