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Leading Local Insights Episode 11: Radio Moves on from Pandemic with a Focus on Digital

by | May 27, 2021 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog, Radio

Even while the country marches toward an economic recovery, the impact of the pandemic on the radio industry still continues to have an effect. However, there are several areas of good news for radio.

In the podcast, Radio Moves on from the Pandemic with a Focus on Digital, BIA’s Chief Economist and SVP, Mark Fratrik, Ph.D., looks at the state of the industry and what he expects for the rest of the year in terms of ad spending and revenue.

In particular, Mark discusses two highlights for radio.

First, online gambling sites, an exciting new group of advertisers, are spending considerable sums to inform the population in the legal betting states of their existence and the attractiveness of their service. This could be a very welcome source of new revenue for local radio.

Second, the unique relationship local radio sellers have with local businesses is driving tremendous opportunity to sell online/digital, an important revenue stream for stations and groups. In fact, BIA expects double digit revenue growth in the digital/online activities of local radio stations.

Listen to Mark’s podcast now to hear his expert insights and analysis.

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