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Free SEO Webinar: Join BIA/Kelsey & Moz Wednesday, Dec. 14

by | Dec 12, 2016 | BIA, Blog

Following the release of our free white paper, Every Location Counts — SEO in Local Brand Engagement, BIA/Kelsey will host a one-hour webinar this Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific to discuss our findings with George Freitag, Local Search Evangelist at Moz, which sponsored the free distribution of the paper.

Global brands, large corporations and companies of all sizes rely on their strategic marketing to build demand and brand preference. Investing in local marketing reaches customers at the decision making point as they look for the location where they will purchase. All marketing spend hinges on customers finding a business where they live, a value represented in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by name, address and phone number data included in business listings.


SEO Information Flows to Brands

BIA/Kelsey developed a model for understanding where local customization and targeting can be activated in the search process to deliver personalized offers based on the location of the customer and where the product or service will be delivered.

SEO provides a structure for brand management to segment and measure results. The flow of information back to global marketers delivers many decision points where brand owners can optimize messages.

Register for our webinar to see the research by BIA/Kelsey, sponsored by Moz, and see the data behind the importance of including local marketing to reach customers at their point of decision. During the webinar, Ratcliffe and Freitag will explore the multiple levels of SEO management that global, national, regional and local brand marketers can use to improve conversion and optimize the customer journey.