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Connected TV is Growing in Local: BIA Webinar Dives into Outlook for 2021

by | Mar 29, 2021 | BIA, Blog

BIA will explore what’s driving the pace of OTT and CTV in 2021 in the upcoming webinar, All Eyes on OTT – Breakout Media Category in 2021, on Thu, April 1 at 2pm eastern. The webinar will feature an impressive roundtable of industry experts. Speakers from TV groups (Scripps, Sinclair), research firms (Comscore, Advertiser Perceptions), attribution (TVSquared) and even streaming music video (Vevo) MadHive will join in a wide-ranging discussion hosted by BIA’s Rick Ducey and Mitch Oscar.

Media companies and advertisers with deep interest in streaming services, apps and platforms are closely watching Over-the-Top (OTT) TV this year. BIA is monitoring OTT, too, and forecasting that $1.2 billion will be spent this year targeting local OTT TV audiences, up 18.7 percent from just a year ago.

During the webinar, we’ll cover some importnat areas including:

  • How the OTT market in local has made significant advances in aggregating fragmented inventory sources to bring compelling new content to local audiences.
  • How the OTT market is establishing direct selling and private marketplace ecosystems to leverage OTT for audience reach and extension strategies.

As we’ve seen, successful OTT execution requires brand safe and fraud free inventory, deterministic and probabilistic identity graphs, metrics and measurement, inventory pricing and workflow management. Most OTT impressions are on highly valued CTV sets offering buyers all the data and tools they’re used to in digital but in a high engagement, premium video environment.

Join us Thu, April 1, for the full update and invaluable opinions from some of the top front-line executives who will share their plans for this year. Click here for more information and to register.