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Leading Local Insights: Episode 3: Getting Your Share of the Ad Wallet

by | Mar 30, 2021 | BIA Podcast, Blog, Broadcast

In episode 3 of Leading Local Insights, Getting Your Share of the Ad Wallet, BIA’s CEO and Founder, Tom Buono talks about a topic very important to him and the core of BIA’s service to clients: the best way to define your broadcast business and get your share of the ad wallet.

This may sound simple, but in the broadcast space not so much. As Tom explains, the expansion of the local media marketplace by digital media has made it imperative for television and radio broadcasters to look at themselves differently.

No longer are they just competing against other like-kind stations. With audio streaming and online video services, they are part of a larger video marketplace. But is this the way radio and television broadcasters view themselves? Tom argues that they must and that the answer will have a direct (positive) impact on assessing performance, defining competition, developing growth strategies, compensating account execs and delivering the right services to clients.

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