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Catch up on BIA’s Leading Local Insights Podcast

by | May 2, 2023 | BIA, BIA Podcast, Blog

Did you know BIA has a podcast where we share our current analysis on major topics including Over-the-Top (OTT), digital, broadcast, print, media ad platforms, advertising revenue estimates, financial valuations and much more? See below for links to recent podcasts covering key topics in local media advertising.

Spotlight on Recent Podcasts

ATSC 3.0, Hybrid Radio, AI: Takeaways from the 2023 NAB Show

Over sixty-five thousand people attended the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas April 16-19. NAB’s Centennial Show, the event covered the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Get a perspective on three important topics from BIA’s Managing Director, Rick Ducey when he shares what he saw and heard around ATSC 3.0, hybrid radio, and AI. Rick explains what each means to the broadcast industry and what we can all expect next.

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From Share of Wallet to Unified Ad Platforms and NextGen TV: Rob Weisbord, Sinclair Broadcast Group

Local TV will be a $19B business in 2023 according to BIA estimates. But Rob Weisbord, President of Local News & Marketing Services at Sinclair Broadcast Group, has his eye on the $165B across all local paid media spending.

Rob speaks with BIA’s Rick Ducey to share his vision for how local TV can target the full “share of wallet,” discussing unified ad platforms, dynamic pricing, and ATSC 3.0.

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Automotive Podcasts

In-Dash Visual Radio Ads

Quu’s CEO Steve Newberry joins us to explain the visual radio ad ecosystem and opportunities local radio stations can target with this technology.

Connected Car Insights

Roger Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility in the Global Automotive Practice at TechInsights, talks about the intersection of connected cars and local ad-supported media.

TV Broadcasting Podcasts

ATSC 3.0’s Road from Lighthouse to Cutover

BIA’s Managing Director, Rick Ducey, and Lynn Claudy, SPV Technology at NAB, discuss the winding road for ATSC 3.0, where the industry is advancing and where it needs help, particularly from the FCC.

NextGen TV Datacasting: Evolving Use Cases and Revenue

Our guests are experts in broadcast, ATSC, and NextGen television: John McCoskey, COO of SpectraRep and SpectraRep President Mark O’Brien. They discuss new, non-core revenue opportunities for television stations using datacasting.

OTT and Data Privacy Podcasts

Data Privacy and Compliance in Local Advertising

In this episode, BIA’s Leyla Chatti speaks with Timur Yarnall, co-founder of Neutronian, to discuss the implications of media privacy and data compliance in the local advertising space.

Assessing OTT by Answering FAQs

In this podcast, BIA’s VP of Forecasting Nicole Ovadia shares her advertising expectations for Over-the-Top (OTT) local advertising this year. Then she asks Rick Ducey, BIA’s Managing Director, a series of questions we get a lot when analyzing this growing media channel.

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