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BIA/Kelsey to Provide Quarterly Assessment of Radio Industry’s Performance

by | Aug 12, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Local Advertising Forecast, Radio

To help the radio industry and those who follow it, BIA/Kelsey has decided to issue quarterly local radio revenue reports. Our new analysis will begin the 3rd quarter of 2016 and we’ll issue the first report in November.

As the local media marketplace becomes more competitive, information on the various media is even more essential. To deliver our new radio industry assessments, we will utilize the quarterly reports of the various public radio companies and other trusted sources of information.

Throughout our 33+ year history of servicing the radio and television industries, we have long provided information on local advertising trends. In recent years, we expanded into other advertising platforms (e.g., online, mobile, Out-of-Home, etc.) where we provide local advertising estimates not only for the total spend on these platforms but also specific estimates on local spending by different types of businesses (our Media Ad View forecasts). The new quarterly radio report will offer a valuable extension of this current data.

Good operators of competitive media need to know how well their industry is doing, along with the performance of all the other media. With the leading radio association, The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), now focusing on industry advocacy, our new Quarterly Radio Revenue Report will supplement important industry efforts and deliver tangible insights into the state of the industry from an economic perspective.

To be notified when the first report is available, email us at