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Discover the stick value of your radio station.

Thank you for your interest in BIA’s Radio Stick Value Calculator. This tool provides an estimate of the stick value of a radio station. Station owners and operators and investors use stick values to monitor the value of a business.

Stick Value Report Contents

The delivered report will include a summary of the stick value results and a market and competitive overview pages from BIA’s Investing In Radio Market Report. To understand our process for performing stick values, click to learn about our methodology.

Request a Stick Value

To request a stick value for a station, please fill out the following form. Within a business day, you will be contacted by a BIA financial analyst to confirm your request and process payment.

Typical turnaround time to receive the stick value result is approximately 2-5 business days. The cost of a stick valuation is $895.

BIA has served companies in the media industry for over 35 years delivering high-quality, reliable financial services. We look forward to working on your project.

Request Stick Value

Submit the form below to request your Radio Stick Value Report

Methodology & Limiting Conditions

Stick value is defined as fair market value assuming the station is a start-up on the valuation date. A stick value estimate is derived by estimating a station’s ability to serve its market based on its signal coverage. This approach eliminates factors unique to the operation of the station, including its format and historical financial performance. The Radio Stick Value Calculator provides an estimated stick value range based on the best available recent sales data of stick radio stations (a market approach) as of the specified valuation date.  When performing a radio stick value calculator, BIA does not interview the owner and/or operator of the subject station in connection with this assignment, review the station’s financial statements, or perform a discounted cash flow analysis (DCF, an income approach).

The results of the Radio Stick Value Calculator do not represent a full and complete fair market valuation and BIA does not recommend that they be relied upon for financing, financial reporting or tax purposes. The result is a starting point in estimating the stick value of the subject station. It does not consider all of the many market and competitive factors that can influence the actual price paid for a radio station.

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