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New BIA/Kelsey Report Explores SEO Location Data in Local Brand Engagement

Dec 5, 2016

Report explores the use of SEO tools in the changing landscape of online marketing, specifically how to plan and calibrate regional and local marketing investments in a multichannel environment.

CHANTILLY, Va. (Dec. 5, 2016) – A new research report from BIA/Kelsey suggests the brand management stakes in local are rising. Sponsored by Moz, the report,Every Location Counts – SEO in Local Brand Engagement,” explains how online-to-offline attribution will become a critical bridge, and SEO name, address and phone (NAP) data is now the roadbed for that bridge for marketers.

Every Location Counts in Local - Report from BIA/Kelsey and Moz

Google now reports that more than half of all web traffic is generated by smartphone and tablet users who are close to making a buying decision. Location is key to search success, according to Google, as 30 percent of all mobile searches are location-related, reinforcing the need for a strong foundation of search engine optimization in marketing. Without location-based listings, online-to-offline transactions are difficult to influence.

“Ultimately, marketing, like medicine, is becoming personalized. SEO’s NAP data are the most effective proxy available for assembling a view of how local campaigns work,” said Mitch Ratcliffe, report author and digital media strategist, BIA/Kelsey. “SEO listing data are convenient and stable identifiers for use with targeting local messages. They can be complemented in display, social and other advertising by linking back to the listing from within advertising location data (NAP). This allows customers to consult the retailer’s NAP information while being counted as a referrer from the current advertising campaign, and it ensures the latest NAP data are available.”

The report explains how local data that is tied to places through the SEO listing becomes a tractable problem to identify the offers that should be invested in and retired without harming revenues. These decisions are discovered as near the local market as possible, because additional context is lost as the amount of data aggregated for consumption by global brand managers increases.

The report also provides a new model for using SEO within brand management areas in the enterprise and SMBs that represent brands locally. Included in the report is a model strategy BIA/Kelsey has developed for global brands to help tease apart the multiple complementary and essential messages customers receive as they move from interest in a range of products or services toward making a purchase decision.

Other topics covered in the report include:

  • Delivering global messages in local flavors
  • NAP data as geo-location and attribution tool
  • Powering global brands with local data
  • Using local insights to support audience segmentation

Report Availability & Upcoming Webinar

“Every Location Counts – SEO in Local Brand Engagement,” a BIA/Kelsey Sponsored Research report, sponsored by Moz, is available for free download here.

Key findings from the report will be examined during a free webinar on December 14, titled, “SEO for Brand Management: Delivering Global Messages in Local Flavors.” Register now.

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