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Chief marketing officers struggle with the definition of local markets because existing tools focus on the location of markets rather than the changing location of customer engagements. Because of the scope of their work, senior brand managers often spend millions on regional marketing activities that are, in fact, collections of local online and offline placements and promotions, and fail to get detailed results from the market.

Without location-based listings, online-to-offline transactions are difficult to influence. As this report explores, search engine optimization holds the key to keeping the global-to-local campaign aligned.

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Ultimately, marketing, like medicine, is becoming personalized. SEO name, address and phone (NAP) data are the most effective proxy available for assembling a view of how local campaigns work.

Mitch Ratcliffe, report author and digital media strategist, BIA/Kelsey

Every Location Counts - SEO in Local Brand Engagement

Download and read the report to learn:

  • How to use SEO tools in the changing landscape of online marketing
  • How to plan and calibrate regional and local marketing investments in an increasingly complex multichannel environment
  • How to employ a model for understanding and coordinating brand messages at the global and retail levels

The report also provides a new model for using SEO within brand management divisions in the enterprise and SMBs that represent brands locally. Developed by BIA/Kelsey, this model strategy is designed for global brands to help tease apart the multiple complementary and essential messages customers receive as they move from interest in a range of products or services toward making a purchase decision.

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