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Using Marketing Automation to Sell to SMBs (video)

by | Feb 26, 2016 | BIA, Blog, SMBs

As SMBs increase digital marketing spend, agencies that target them with marketing automation can gain a competitive edge. This was the focus of a recent BIA/Kelsey webcast (and companion white paper) co-hosted by Vendasta.

But more important than the “why?” is the “how?”.  Addressing time-depleted SMBs with varying levels of tech savvy requires a targeted approach. SMBs are also a fragmented target… and fragmentation compels automation.

For one, it’s essential to identify the right SMBs who are ready to adopt a digital strategy, without driving up the cost of acquiring their business. This identification process can also weed out SMBs that tend to churn heavily.

At a time when SMBs receive several vendor pitches, agencies need to stand out and provide tangible (read: simple) value. And with SMBs using 6 to 13 different media (BIA/Kelsey) the message needs to be consistent across platforms.

We got into all of this during the broadcast, and broke down the data, insights and best practices to win SMB business with marketing automation. If you missed it, you can watch the slides and replay below.