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Telling a Personalized, Data-Driven Brand Story

by | May 18, 2017 | BIA, Blog, Conferences, Mobile-Social

The ideal for marketers is to not just better understand their customer segments in terms of attributes, behaviors, and contextual data. That is half the problem, getting a deep understanding of who interacts (or should) with your brand and why. The second half of the problem is creating, sustaining, and extending that brand experience in ways that are relevant to these divergent customer segments. And, doing this at scale with automation and data really brings the whole picture home. Marketers increasingly are turning to location and local signals to create relevant audience segments when combined with other data sets. Once identifying these audience segments that are compelling to brands, the next big challenge is telling a personalized, data-driven brand story.

To get to the ideal of “Data-Driven Creative, Creative-Driven Results” we’ve invited Ben Kartzman, CEO/Co-Founder of Spongecell, to keynote BIA/Kelsey’s LOCAL IMPACT: New York event on July 12th where he will share what he’s learned about the kinds of problems that still need to be solved but also the promise and opportunities in data-driven creative executions.

In one example, working with the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development, Spongecell used data-driven algorithms to dynamically serve customized audience segments one of over 2,000 pre-roll vacation videos. Spongecell’s platform dynamically matched video content to each consumer segment based on online behavior, likes, location and other data-driven signals. The results from this campaign were quite impactful. During the two-week campaign, the client saw significant achievements such as website traffic (+46%) and among those viewing the video, 93% stated intent to visit Tennessee in the next year.