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Solve Real SMB Pain Points: A Conversation with YP (video)

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Blog, Conferences, Mobile-Social, SMBs

It may sound obvious but most local media companies don’t do it: “Have the local business owner’s interests at heart,” says Jef Biesman. As VP of Customer Marketing and Acquisition at YP, he has perhaps more perspective than anyone in local about selling to and serving SMBs.

“Mobile devices have impacted that shift and changed the ways that we behave to be more beholden to the moment than we are to a brand or our favorite local business,” he told us recently. “That’s all great, but what do you do to address that if you’re a local business.”

Biesman further unpacked these perennial local challenges — and the tactics to overcome them — at BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE. See his presentation and interview with BIA/Kelsey’s Abid Chaudhry in the full session video below.