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Soleo Adds Voice Search to Call Monetization API

by | Oct 25, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Mobile-Social

Soleo, the Victor, N.Y.-based developer of search and call monetization services for local business, introduced a new version of its developer application programming interface (API) today at Street Fight Local. The new API supports voice search, complex text searches and location-based results that provide routing guidance, directions and nearby business listings for use in search-driven applications.

The Soleo search API lets a third-party tap into the more than 20 million validated business listings by location, business category and a large index of common phrases, such a “Hungry for taco” to return related listings for use in a web service or application. The company also released demo applications that show the API’s capabilities in action. Heystack, an app for iOS and Android, is free to download through the links provided.

Soleo has focused on developing a call monetization strategy that captures calls to expired business listings and offers connections to businesses that can fulfill on the customer’s needs. For example, if a customer calls a hardware store that has been out of business for several weeks, Soleo’s system would play an audio prompt to select an alternative hardware store near them.

For developers, the Soleo API is a convenient way to add both natural language search — it captures and understands text and voice search — to create a revenue stream to existing local search, vertical business listings. The voice search features are well fitted to augment a web service location-based listings information. Voice search can also be captured by a device, such as an Amazon Alexa assistant, and forwarded to the Soleo API for location-based responses that provide distance and routing-based options to the user.

While some companies have opted to add more products or services to their offerings, Soleo’s focus on its data quality and expanding access to that data through an open API is a solid and pragmatic investment. It provides Soleo more monetization opportunities through third-parties, allowing the company to concentrate on its business listing validation process to grow search inventory. Creative applications can be developed by outside develpers and Soleo will share in the revenue success generated internally and externally. Soleo’s business remains well defined: Reliable and monetizable listings.

Enabling local business can be best accomplished by doubling down on the quality and reliability of data. Developers can check out Soleo’s API here.