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BIA/Kelsey LIVE, Episode 6: Where Are SMBs Planting their Online Flag?

by | Oct 21, 2016 | BIA, Blog

Facebook Pages get more actionable, LCM 20 reveals VSB website activity, and on-demand moves into professional services. These were a few topics on this week’s BIA/Kelsey LIVE.

Produced by Mitch Ratcliffe and featuring a rotating cast of analysts and guests, we’ll be live every Thursday at 10am PDT. Let us know if you have topic suggestions or want to join as a guest.

Meanwhile, check out the Episode 6 replay video below, or follow the chapter links to jump around.

BIA/Kelsey LIVE, Episode 6 Chapters

Facebook announces new Pages features
LCM 20 reveals SMB sentiment on websites
Heal gets funding to bring on-demand to doctors