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Selling Digital To Local Businesses – Data, Insights, Strategy, Case Studies

by | Jun 19, 2020 | BIA, Blog, COVID Pandemic, Sales Best Practices

Media sellers are increasingly focusing their revenue growth initiatives for local businesses on a mix of digital marketing solutions. While traditional media spend will grow, more and faster growth is occurring in digital.

To explore the dynamics of this growth and strategies for winning a share of this increased spending, BIA’s Rick Ducey is teaming with SalesFuel’s Lisa Rigsby to lead a digital selling webinar on June 24th at 11am EDT.

We’ll share data, insights on the overall market along with case studies. We’ll be joined by Graham Media’sStephanie Slagel and Alpha Media’sMike Hartel who will help us dig into how strategy meets execution in the market.

Digital is catching up with traditional media. According to BIA’s recent forecast estimates, three of the top five ad platforms are traditional media capturing over 43 percent of total local paid media spending. The two leading digital media, mobile and online win about a third of total spend in 2020.

Overall, across the 16 media BIA tracks, digital media get about 44 percent of the spend and traditional gets 56 percent of the $161.1 billion to be spent in 2020. By 2024, traditional media will grow in spend ($101.9 billion) but soften its share of wallet to 53.8 percent. Digital spend will increase by $15.6 billion by 2024 or 46.2 percent of the total.

Rigsby will highlight some of the buyer data and insights from SalesFuel’s arsenal of marketing and sales performance assets. Rigsby advises that what’s key to successful digital selling is to find out what is important to the dealer before you walk in the door. Be prepared to have a conversation and ask more questions. Using a tool such as an audit will allow you to gain insight into their situation and make the best suggestions.

Ducey will share overall market insights and then zoom into the Auto vertical for some specific insights. Auto is one of the business verticals moving faster to shift spend from traditional to digital media. Over half of Auto’s spend will be digital by 2022. Slagel and Hartel will share some of their digital selling strategies and best practices they’ve developed and provide case studies to show how it all comes together.

This webinar will examine how to best sell local digital marketing by examining 5 key factors:

1. Company types: What types of companies (i.e. B2B, B2C or Hybrid) purchase Digital Marketing Services

2. Ad preferences: What advertisers want to buy (i.e. mobile, social and digital online advertising; search engine marketing; trade show promotions)

3. Demographics: Who are the buyers (Generation Z, Millenial, Generation X, Baby Boomers)

4. Vertical Buyers: What buyers in Finance and Auto want to purchase

5. Selling strategies: How OTT and Mobile give sellers valuable opportunities to develop cross platform plans for their advertisers

Click here for more information and to register for this complimentary webinar taking place Wednesday, June 24, 2020 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT.

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