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New Research: Adapting PPC Strategies for Maximum Returns

by | May 16, 2016 | BIA, Blog, SMBs

BIA/Kelsey today released a new report, “PPC: The Evolution of a Keystone Customer Acquisition Tool,” which explores how pay-per-click advertising inventory has been transformed by the introduction of machine-learning assisted inventory management tools that minimize cost while improving conversion rates using better targeting data. This makes PPC one of the most reliable investments in marketing for SMBs, even those spending as little as $100 a month.

AcquisioCoverAs marketing rapidly changes, existing channels such as pay-per-click are not becoming irrelevant; they are becoming commodity channels subject to close management using better-understood goals and metrics. This makes them solid building blocks for more aggressive and complex marketing programs.

Combining low-cost PPC inventory with machine learning lets the traffic perform in the hands of a skilled PPC manager, turning commodity inventory into prime grade customer leads. Lower cost-per-click and higher traffic flows should be of interest to any small business.

Sponsored by Acquisio, a leading provider of digital and programmatic marketing solutions for agencies and advertisers, the report includes new best practices and an analysis of the role of PPC in the era of the multi-channel retargeting-enabled marketing funnel.

Why You Should Read “PPC: The Evolution of a Keystone Customer Acquisition Tool”
Download and read the report to learn:

      How to navigate the complexities of the modern marketing funnel, creating deeper engagement with customers based on insights into their preferences;

How PPC, using targeting and optimization, can produce segmented and qualified customers after the traffic has passed through the funnel;

How machine learning algorithms from PPC cross-platform vendors such as Acquisio can provide higher conversion rates on a fixed budget.

The report is free, compliments of Acquisio, which will be presenting at ENGAGE this week in Austin. Download it here and come to the session with new questions!