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Conference Preview: Call Intelligence Enters the AI Age

by | May 5, 2017 | Blog, Conferences

In a digital age, voice calls continue to be an under-recognized form of business lead. And as we examined in a recent report, this area of call commerce is advancing quickly and in parallel with the rise of AI.

This includes the ability for marketers to optimize ad campaigns to drive incoming phone leads. And for call centers to take a data-informed approach to route calls and train reps in ways that boost close rates.

And call sources continue to diversify as a function of shifting tech and millennial behavior. Once ruled by search, it’s now a varied set of channels including social and messaging apps. Calls are a key part of Facebook’s offline attribution program, for instance.

But the macro takeaway goes back to AI. As “big data” collides with voice, the result is Big voice according to VoiceBase’s Jay Blazensky. This new mashup and subset of AI is defined by the deep contextual analysis of voice content.

And it won’t stop with phone calls says Blazensky… The opportunity reaches into any media that has an audio track. That’s everything from YouTube videos to podcasts to academic lectures. We’re entering a new age of voice.

And of course all of this is accelerated by the advancements in speech processing elsewhere. As the “voice assistant app wars” are fought between Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, AI advancements will spin off and benefit call intelligence and big voice.

It is against this backdrop that we will hold a keynote session at BIA/Kelsey Impact: Los Angeles. Blazensky himself will present the state of the art in conversation intelligence and big voice. We’ll hear from him, followed by an analyst interview to go deeper.

The session details are below and you can learn more and register here. We hope to see you there.


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