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BIA Launches MAPro Breeze, a Web Application Built on the Foundation of MEDIA Access Pro™

by | Jun 21, 2023 | BIA, Blog, Broadcast, Radio

BIA’s MEDIA Access Pro™ (MAPro) has long been recognized as the premier resource for broadcast information, delivering thousands of fields of data on television and radio organizations. The BIA team is proud to continuously serve a large customer base that uses the service for important industry analysis and decision making.

Now, BIA is very excited to announce a new application built on the foundation of MAPro: MAPro Breeze. This new application is a direct result of listening to feedback from our loyal clients to deliver specific functionality clients can use to streamline their access to MAPro data.

MAPro Breeze is also the first part of BIA’s commitment to rolling out new services that make our valuable proprietary data extremely easy to use across different areas of a business.

Read more about MAPro Breeze below and watch a short video that shows all the application highlights. Plus, see what MAPro’s Client Services Director, Georgina Santilli, and BIA’s CEO & Founder, Tom Buono, have to say about what everyone can look forward to.

BIA Advisory Services Launches MAPro Breeze, Offering Streamlined Access to TV and Radio Data for Analysis and Decision-Making

Chantilly, VA (June 21, 2023) – BIA Advisory Services’ MEDIA Access Pro™ (MAPro) has long-been the broadcast industry’s resource for thousands of fields of data on TV and radio groups and stations, including ownership, revenue, technical, contact and market level data. Today, BIA announced the launch of MAPro Breeze™, a streamlined service designed to make finding and using MAPro data more intuitiveeasier, and faster.

“MAPro Breeze takes the best suggestions from our clients to deliver faster, easier searching options along with new functionality that helps clients work better.” said Georgina Santilli, Research Client Services Director at BIA Advisory Services. “This is a great new service for our loyal MAPro client base, and I’m excited to introduce it to the marketplace.”

MAPro Breeze offers a range of features to help users search and find broadcast industry data quickly. Users can look up call letters, affiliations, licensed market names and ranks, and total number of markets and stations present in a market.

Additionally, MAPro Breeze allows users to find digital coverage Points of Presence, OTA and digital revenue, current and previous station owners, along with FCC IDs that directly link to its website.

“MAPro Breeze is a necessary tool for busy professionals, offering simple searches and customizable search options to all types of our proprietary MAPro information,” said Tom Buono, Founder and CEO of BIA Advisory Services. “With MAPro Breeze, we’ve made it easier for our clients to find the data they need to make informed decisions, whether they are tracking owners, examining comparable sales within markets, or doing group revenue comparisons.”

The service also offers BIA’s quarterly Investing In Radio® and Investing In TV® analysis, providing valuable takeaways on trends and activities. All data from MAPro Breeze is available for export to excel, PDF, and CSV and can be easily printed or copied to use in any report or presentation.

Buono added, “The launch of MAPro Breeze strengthens our overall goal to help our clients discover the path to their best opportunities in the local advertising marketplace by providing reliable, comprehensive local intelligence that is accessible quickly and, in the method, whether by a BIA platform, API connection or other ways, that works best for a business.”

MAPro Breeze is the latest addition to BIA’s suite of advertising intelligence services, which includes MEDIA Access Pro™, the leading broadcasting and publishing resource database and BIA ADVantage™. BIA ADVantage™ provides clients with local market advertising spending intelligence to help them discover the path to their best opportunities.

To learn more about MAPro Breeze, click here. To schedule a demo, email