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At BIA/Kelsey NEXT: Content is Not King, It’s the Emperor

by | Dec 8, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Conferences, SMBs

“Content is not King, it’s the Emperor” said Constant Contact’s Heather Jackson during a case study panel at BIA/Kelsey’s NEXT conference on Tuesday. According to Heather, the biggest hurdle small businesses have is trying to come up with content. Constant Contact  helps businesses identify their clients’ pain points so that they can provide relevant content. The right content will help small businesses reach their clients. Businesses can’t just tell clients that they are the expert, they have to show them that they are… using the right content.

TeenLife Media’s Marie Schwartz said during the panel that content was critical to her company’s SEO. TeenLife Media has put a lot of effort into their blog, which is now driving half of their traffic. Her advice to businesses? Only invest in search terms that are evergreen (continually relevant and fresh).

“Keep your content relevant, fun to read and not salesy,” adds theONswitch’s Nancy Shenker.

Other tips from the panel: a blog can be one of the biggest traffic drivers for your website and include special offers in your blog that are relevant the content of your blog to help drive traffic.

According to BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor ™ survey of small businesses (Wave 20, Q3/2016), 1 in 5 small businesses surveyed currently use a blog for advertising and promotion. Our advice? Show small businesses how contents and blogs can improve their SEO and help provide them with evergreen content.

BIA/Kelsey NEXT Case Study: Women, SMBs and Content