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Improvements in Advanced TV Will Facilitate Reaching Local Audiences and Propel the Local Video Advertising Marketplace in 2018 and Beyond

Feb 6, 2018

Local Video Ad Sales Expected to Hit $37 Billion By 2022

BIA-Localvideoadforecast20182020CHANTILLY, Va. (February 6, 2018) – Progress in Advanced TV and the industry’s commitment to new methods that will improve interactivity and the viewer experience will help with the ascent of local video advertising in 2018. The market is expected to rise to $32.6 billion this year and will reach $37.1 billion by 2022, according to BIA/Kelsey’s new report, “ADVANCED TV: Executive Views on Industry Progress & New Directions.”

BIA/Kelsey defines “Advanced TV” as linear TV platforms including automated TV, programmatic TV, addressable TV, OTT, Smart TV, Connected TV, and with the recent FCC approval of Next-Gen local TV standards, ATSC 3.0.

“Local TV must become more competitive to maintain growth in a market where local ad spending is migrating to digital ad platforms, driven by the secular trend of increased people-based marketing,” said Rick Ducey, managing director BIA/Kelsey and report co-author. “Advanced TV could be a viable solution because it brings data-infused audience targeting beyond just gender and age and delivers analytics between TV ad exposure and subsequent consumer behaviors. Eventual success will come down to continued efforts in developing and transitioning to new automated workflows.”

As examined in the report, growth in the market for local video impressions and related ad spending comes from the mobile and digital (i.e., desktop and tablet ad platforms) categories. Marketers plan to increase their spending in these categories because of the ability to develop and measure data-infused video campaigns that can target video audiences on an individual basis using segmenting attributes. To remain competitive both within the TV station category, and certainly with digital competitors, local TV looks to the various types of advanced TV solutions to provide similar, powerful capabilities.

“Our goal for our report series on Advanced TV is to track progress and report on successes, challenges and new opportunities. We are also delivering industry forecasts that provide context for the opportunity and deliver business intelligence for decision making,” said Ducey

Report Availability

The report “ADVANCED TV: Executive View on Industry Progress & New Directions” offers an in-depth review of the Advanced TV ecosystem from the perspective of leading executives from media and data companies. The sixth in a series of reports examining advanced TV, this report focuses on the current state of advanced TV by exploring 2018 initiatives, industry education and commitment, use of data, audience targeting and brand relationships.

The report includes the following executive interviews:

  • 4C TV – Matt Mitchell, Vice President of Sales
  • Canoe Ventures – Chris Pizzurro, Head of Sales & Marketing
  • DISH – Brian Norris, VP DISH Media Sales
  • Experian Marketing Services – Brad Danaher, TV Partnership Director
  • Fox Networks Group – Nicole Ruby, VP Advertising Data Solutions
  • Simmons Research – Andrew Feigenson, Chief Executive Office

Excerpts from the interviews can be found here. The report can be purchased online. Subscribers of BIA ADVantage can download the report in the Reports & Webinars module.

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