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BIA/Kelsey Report Examines How Local TV Stations Are Becoming Local Media Companies

Aug 10, 2016

New state-of-the-industry report delves into the impact of increased consumer and advertiser choices on local TV; includes local media revenue forecasts.

CHANTILLY, Va. (Aug. 10, 2016) – BIA/Kelsey analyzes opportunities and hurdles for the local television industry in the newly published report, Local Television Stations: Maintaining an Important Presence in 2016 & Beyond. The report examines TV’s position in the competitive media landscape, with a look at a range of influences, from the many viewing options now available to consumers, to the variety of revenue streams the industry is embracing.

“Although local television will experience new challenges, its overall position remains strong and valuable to the media marketplace,” said Mark Fratrik, chief economist, BIA/Kelsey. “For certain advertising groups, it continues as an important local platform. Still, the industry must continue building out digital channels to reach local communities and deliver valuable access points for advertisers.”

Included in the report is a look at recent station sales transactions and the increased activity expected this year and beyond. It also covers regulatory and legal issues associated with local television station ownership, including the anticipation of tightening of the rules governing existing relationships between local television stations.State-of-the-TV-Industry-2016-Infographic

Other topics covered in the 67-page report include:

  • Viewing options now available to consumers and recent data on the levels of viewing of these options
  • The increasingly important revenue stream of retransmission consent payments
  • Local television stations’ efforts to expand and improve product offerings with technology
  • The level of television station trading activity in recent years, the reasons for it and the values of some local television station companies

Report Availability

More information about Local Television Stations: Maintaining an Important Presence in 2016 & Beyond, including how to purchase, is available at BIA/Kelsey content subscribers will receive the report this week.

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This past June, BIA/Kelsey released the first in its State of the Industry Reports with a comprehensive analysis of the Radio Industry, The Position of Local Radio Stations: Trends for 2016 & Beyond, examining radio advertising revenues and how the industry maintains a prominent position in the local marketplace. For a full listing of available research, visit

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