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Analyst Workshop: What Will the Next Era of On Demand Look Like?

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Blog, Conferences, Mobile-Social

What will “phase II” of the local on-demand economy (LODE) look like, and what were the lessons learned from phase I? Among other things, we’re seeing retraction, unicorn valuation adjustments, and an indication of which local service verticals make the most sense for on-demand.

Following last week’s BIA/Kelsey NOW, I had the chance to address the MEGA Conference today in Austin on the subject of LODE. Given the local media audience, the question is if LODE will disrupt or support their business. The answer is both, but the latter could outweigh the former if executed right.

There’s no video capture at the conference but due to popular demand, I recorded a replica of the presentation (slides and voiceover) for LMW readers. See the full presentation below.