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Tune into Manta’s Audience Extension Strategy

by | Sep 19, 2016 | BIA, Blog

Joey Glowaki, VP of Sales and Business Development at Manta, developer of marketing automation tools, joined me for a conversation about “audience extension” strategies. Audience extension is a data-driven targeting technique that enables a publisher to extend the reach and frequency of its advertisers by finding sources of traffic outside the publisher’s direct domain. Audience extension also enables advertisers to reach new target audience sets and convert these prospects into customers at a much lower acquisition cost than if they purchased an audience of similar size directly. The strategy leverages existing content investments for maximum returns. 

Following the release of our free sponsored white paper, Audience Extension, a Path to Low-Cost SMB Customer Acquisition, we invited Joey Glowaki to talk about the strategy.

The archival webinar is available for viewing. The slide deck we walked through is here for your convenience.

Dig in! And if you have questions, please email me at I’ll forward questions to Joey and team.