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State of Addressable TV in Local and Network Markets: Webinar July 29

by | Jul 23, 2020 | BIA, Blog, CTV/OTT

BIA is hosting a webinar on July 29th to examine the state of addressability in the the Local and Network TV markets.

Along with a panel of expert guest speakers, we’ll examine how addressable TV has become a dynamic space full of innovation, competition, and new advertising workflows that has caught the eye of brands and agencies that are increasingly activating media buys beyond the two traditional signals of gender and age.

This advancement has encouraged TV groups, broadcast networks, data, and marketing cloud solution providers to rethink long-held traditional selling methods, which is resulting in solutions more competitive with digital and better suited to client needs. This includes deeper TV audience targeting including what is currently called “data-driven linear” and “addressable” TV.

Data-driven linear segments audiences deeper than age and gender by incorporating other data to develop indexes to show where certain audience segments index in specific TV programming, either by dayparts or specific programs. Both broadcast and MVPD platforms can offer data-driven linear audience targeting.

For addressability, MVPD platforms win with their first-party data and ability to segment audiences based on household data for delivering ads targeted to specific household groups. This raises the issues of measurement and reporting on delivery of these audience segments, and what TV sellers should do with the audience segments not part of an addressable buy. For example, for a local market MVPD addressable buy, if 25 percent of the audience fits the targeted segment, the remaining 75 percent of the impressions must be connected to a buyer who is fine with that reduced load.

The newest and fastest growing platform in addressable TV is the OTT/CTV segment, including vMVPDs. Using first-party data from clients along with audience identify and usage data from user apps, smart TVs and other connected devices to build probabilistic and deterministic identify graphs allows OTT platforms to offer very precise audience targeting. OTT seeks to combine the premium video content environment of traditional TV with the precise targeting of digital.

We will examine these issues and much more on the webinar, Addressable TV in Local and Network Markets, on Wed, July 29 at 2 pm eastern. By attending, you’ll learn what the current addressable TV marketplace looks like, how it works, and where it is headed.

The discussion will be hosted by BIA’s managing director Rick Ducey and Mitch Oscar, director of advanced TV at USIM, a leading independent media agency. Our guest speakers include:

  • Larry Allen, VP & GM Addressable Enablement, Comcast

  • Prasad Joglekar, SVP and GM TV, Cross Platform Products, Comscore

  • TS Kelly, SVP, Head of Impact, Carat

  • Chris Pizzurro, VP Global Sales, Canoe Ventures

  • Tom Ziangas, SVP, Research & Media Insights, AMC Networks

Check here for more information and to register for this complimentary webinar.