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On the Front Lines of Media: Reflections on our 500th Edition of Local Media & Technology Daily

by | Aug 29, 2019 | BIA, Blog

BIA’s newsletter, Local Media and Technology Daily, just published its 500th edition this week. Since the launch of our newsletter program five years ago, we’ve attracted an audience of about 7,000 media, agency, brand, adtech and martech industry executives every Monday through Friday. We offer our readers a curated view of the complexities, innovations, challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem connecting marketers with locally targeted audiences. In my business travels, I’m always hearing compliments for our newsletter, as a first-read and must-read every day. We welcome this support!

In our first issue, released on September 4, 2014, we highlighted our local ad forecast estimating that over $140 billion would be spend in paid media targeting local audiences. Our 2019 forecast puts this number at nearly $149 billion and we expect that to grow to over $168 billion by 2023.

The local media ad space is a highly dynamic area where data, AI, adtech, martech and new media distribution platforms redefine audience relationships with media and consumer relationships with brands. It’s been our privilege to serve our clients and others at the front lines of this exciting space.

At BIA, we’re very grateful for Suzanne Ackley’s deft editorial touch in stewarding our newsletter through the barrage of daily noise to pull out the signals that make a difference in the daily news cycle. Thank you, Suzanne. And good luck to us all in trying to make local media a better place for marketers, publishers and their solution providers as we try to make a difference for our audiences and consumers.

And, now a word from Suzanne:

Suzanne Ackley
Managing Editor, BIA Local Media and Technology Daily

When I became the editor of the newsletter, my biggest concern was delivering valuable, relevant news to our diverse audience, which includes broadcast owners and station personnel from radio, television and cable TV; ad agency executives; lawyers; technologists; digital strategists and local sellers.

With feedback and input from our readers and careful tracking of the most popular stories, I came to realize that everyone working in (or with) this industry has a common goal: staying informed on all the elements challenging and driving media forward.

Media is a vibrant, ever-changing industry that never gets boring. In my appraisals and competitive intelligence work for BIA, I’ve seen how valuable reliable research is as we’re always asked to analyze new digital products, over-the-top streaming, digital ad platforms and technologies and consumer trends and deliver competitive intelligence. Using these topics as a guide, I focus on stories in these veins to make sure our readers don’t miss the most important stories. 

Now three years into this role, I can say that selecting the right article for our readers is the favorite part of my day.

Finally, we’re a collaborative team open to suggestions. Please send your ideas to me at sackley @ bia dot com.