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NOW|Seattle: Localizing Global Logistics

by | Feb 4, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Conferences

The “new normal” in local competition blends intimate customer experience with supply-chain and logistical insights. Customers now expect to get a product or service tuned to their specific needs in near real-time, or “on-demand.” When we talk about the local, on-demand economy, we’re talking about marketplaces in which product marketing is blended with data to create surprising experiences, such as an Uber car that materializes in minutes at the curb or a great meal delivered to the home, among just a few emerging services.

We’re pleased to announce the panel, Localizing Global Logistics, at BIA/Kelsey NOW | Seattle, on Feb. 18th. It features Brooke Steger, General Manager of Uber in the Pacific Northwest, David Galvan, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for MasterCard, and Adam Burrows, SVP of Business and Corporate Development at HomeAdvisor.

David Galvan, VP Business Development & Strategic Alliances, MasterCard

David Galvan, VP Business Development & Strategic Alliances, MasterCard

BIA/Kelsey’s research on the Local On-Demand Economy shows that simple transaction improvements aren’t the only factor in the local market transformation. After providing a 40-year advantage to large enterprises, logistics management systems are percolating into the hands of SMBs and consumers, heralding increased personalization and empowerment at smaller levels of analysis. This transformation in supply chain access is sending shock waves through local and global markets.

Our panel brings together leaders of a mobility and logistics platform, a transactions and business services platform, and a thriving local services marketplace to discuss how new entrants and established players can tap into and add value to distributed networks of workers, products and service enabling technology to create new businesses. More efficient than previous logistics systems, the local, on-demand market is able to displace traditional companies, as Uber has proven with its rapid deconstruction of the taxi industry.

Adam Burrows, SVP Business and Corporate Development, HomeAdvisor

Adam Burrows, SVP Business and Corporate Development, HomeAdvisor

The panelists roles, in corporate business development, also demonstrates the critical feature in this market is partnership. Tying together many disparate services through well-documented application programming interfaces (APIs) makes new combinations of value possible. We’ll explore this in depth at BIA/Kelsey NOW | Seattle. Register now with the discount code “NOW199” to attend for only $199 — this limited time offer ends Feb. 10th.

Brooke Steger photo courtesy of Geekwire.