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Mobile Advertising’s State of the Union, Part II (video)

by | Jan 18, 2017 | BIA, Blog

How much will be spent on mobile advertising through 2021, and what will be the sources (and destinations) of those dollars? More importantly, what does this all mean for advertisers and campaign tactics?

We covered the first two questions in the first half of a recent conference session (video & coverage here). The third question was then tackled in energetic fashion by Verve Mobile’s creative director Walt Geer.

Geer has strong — and well backed — thoughts on the types of mobile ads that work and don’t work. That comes down to everything from targeting strategies to copy and creative… and he’s got lots of examples.

Check out the session video below, where he unpacks the do’s and dont’s of mobile ads in today’s device-centric and millennial-fueled world.